Tsumekira rrieenee x filer Produce Organdy Flower LT-RXF-101

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Japanese Nail Art Stickers

The very popular sticker at TSUMEKIRA is newly released for nail polish (polish)!
Of course, this one can also be used for gel nails or acrylic 

The surface of Latte is glossy because it has a top processing.
It's OK to just stick one piece on the nail as it is.
Because I'm just going to seel it again,
Holiday nail art for those who can't do design nails due to work,
It is recommended for a change of mood and for short-term use.

If you finish it with the top coat twice, it will last longer.

●A small size flower 
● If you finish with top coat, it will last longer.
● It is laid out so that it will be easy and cute just by adding it.
● Exterior size 78mm x 120mm, sheet size 78mm x 97mm