Yogo offers a captivating collection of products for nail art enthusiasts, blending innovation with creativity. Among their notable offerings is the YOGO Milk Jam 3D White Clay/Embossing Gel, a milky white clay gel perfect for intricate designs. The YOGO Zombie Top Gel stands out with its non-wipe, glassy finish that boasts a lasting duration of up to six weeks. For those seeking vibrant effects, the YOGO Holy Moly Magnet Gels in pink, blue, and silver are accompanied by strong magnets, adding a unique touch to nail art.

The brand also features the YOGO 3D Clear Clay Gel, an almost invisible gel ideal for 3D nail art, and the YOGO Zombie Base Gel, known for its longevity of up to seven weeks. Additionally, Yogo includes practical tools like the YOGO Embo 3D Embossing Powder for adding textures.

The YOGO Silky Beam 3D Pink Clay/Embossing Gel and the YOGO Gold Chip 3D Gold Clay/Embossing Gel offer more options for creative expression. Yogo's array of products caters to a wide range of needs in nail art, making it a go-to choice for both beginners and seasoned professionals seeking quality and creativity in their nail designs.