DOI Marbly - 2 pieces Set - 2x10ml

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Korean Nail Supply NAILBAYO - Doi Marbly 2 pieces Set

By the famous Korean nail artist NAILBAYO.  

Elevate your nail art game to a whole new level with our DOI Marbly Nail Art Ink! Specially crafted for enthusiasts and professionals alike, this product stands as a staple in our Korean Nail Supply collection, ensuring you can create stunning marble nail designs effortlessly.  Unleash endless possibilities with our DOI Marbly Nail Art Ink, perfect for achieving a wide range of intricate marble patterns and effects with ease.


Nail Art Ink


Doi Marbly Collection

How to Use:

1. After drying color gel, apply the white marbly liquid on to the nail. Allow the product to air dry for 10-20 seconds.

2. Finish with doi top gel and cure in a UV/LED lamp for 60 seconds.

2x 10ml