Hoholee Collection Episode 1. Mate Gel Single Gel-HO20

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Korean Nail Supply Hoholee Collection Episode 1. Mate Gel Single Gel

Note that this is for single gels from the Collection.  The collection with the 20 gels can also be ordered from our site.

HO01~HO10: Experience spring's beauty with HOHOLEE's Episode 1.Mate Gel-Single. Its perfect syrup color blends natural spring tones and a warm milky base in a translucent formulation.

HO11~HO20: the ideal choice for achieving natural beauty. Its semi-transparent formulation and warm, earl grey-like hue are designed for daily use, providing a sense of calm. Richly pigmented and easily blended, it wraps your look in a veil for a truly beautiful finish

The set includes 20 colors of gel, a colour chart and a display stand.

*The character printed on the HO01~HO10 bottle would be Bunny HOHO or Bear HOHO randomly. Also, the packing box would be yellow (HOHO) or purple (RIRI) randomly.