Hoholee Collection Twinkle Potion Single Gel-TP14

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Korean Nail Supply Hoholee Collection Twinkle Potion Single Gel

Note that we also sell the this Collection as a set

Create endless possibilities with the new HoHoLee Twinkle Potion 20 Color Set! Featuring 10 syrup colors and 10 glitter colors, the Twinkle Potion Set lets you mix and match to create your own unique glitter colors. Includes 20 Color Gels and 1 Color Chart.

TP01~TP10 (Bunny HOHO printed on bottles): unique neon syrup colors. These gels have a good thickness, allowing you to create thicker glitter nails. Perfect for making sharp neon-colored nail designs.

TP11~20 (Goose RIRI printed on bottles): a luxurious collection of glitters, from mother-of-pearl-inspired pearls to white silver and magnetic sprinkle magic glitters. Perfect for adding glamorous sparkle and twinkle to any look. (TP17 is a cat-eye gel.)

The set includes 20 colors of gel, a colour chart and a display stand.