HOHOLEE HoHoLee x Make.N Charms and Stickers

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Introducing the Hoholee x Make.n Charm and Sticker and Charm Pack – the ultimate way to elevate your nail game and add a touch of irresistible charm to your fingertips!

This delightful pack is designed to bring a smile to your face with its 3D HoHo and RiRi characters, ensuring your nails become a canvas of cuteness.

 Each pack includes 5 3D charms that perfectly encapsulate the whimsical essence of HoHo and RiRi.

Accompanying the charms is a sticker sheet featuring a variety of facial expressions inspired by HoHo and RiRi.

This set contains :


Small Hoho Parts 

Medium Hoho Parts

Small Riri Parts

Medium Riri Parts

HOS-02  - Facial Expression