JELLO JELLO One Kill Remover + Peel Off Base Set

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Transform your DIY nail routine with the revolutionary Jello Jello One Kill Remover + Peel Off Base Set. Say goodbye to the hassle of soaking and filing. This innovative peel off system simplifies removal, allowing you to switch up your nail designs as often as you like. Enjoy a durable base that can last up to two weeks!

Set Includes:

  • JELLO JELLO One Kill Gel Remover: 30ml, 1 bottle
  • JELLO JELLO Peel Off Base Gel: 10ml, 1 bottle
  • Additional Tools: 10 wooden cuticle sticks

Application Instructions:

  1. Nail Preparation: Start by buffing the nail and applying a primer for optimal adhesion.
  2. Base Application: Apply a thin layer of the Peel Off Base Gel to the natural nail plate. Cure under a UV/LED lamp for 1 minute.
  3. Color and Art: Proceed with your chosen nail color and any decorative art.
  4. Removal Process: When you're ready for a change, use the One Kill Gel Remover to easily peel away the base and polish.

This set not only streamlines your nail care process but also encourages creative expression with the ease of switching nail designs frequently.

Customer Reviews

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Works great !

Awesome product

Leonor Carvalho
Life changing

As a content creator myself I have to say this is the best kit to have! Went on vacation with the peel off base on both my hands and it held up perfectly for two weeks. Quick removal when you need to and reuse the set anytime you want!AMAZING!!!!!