YOGO Mango Bit - Eraser

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YOGO Mango Bit - Eraser

Effortlessly remove soft, overlay, glitter, and 3D gels with ease, thanks to our YOGO Mango Bit - Eraser. This dental ceramic tool ensures a gentle removal process without any vibrations or heat.

However, it's crucial to observe the following precautions: While dental ceramics exhibit impressive resistance to acid and alkali, and they're known for their durability, they can be susceptible to breakage when subjected to sudden shocks from pure, impurity-free ceramics. Additionally, prolonged exposure to high-energy sources such as UV lights can lead to discoloration, altering the product's physical properties and increasing the risk of breakage.

To maximize the longevity and effectiveness of this tool, we recommend using it in conjunction with an ultrasonic cleaner or a dedicated brush specifically designed for cleaning the bit. This helps ensure the thorough removal of foreign substances and keeps your YOGO Mango Bit [Mini Block] in optimal working condition. Elevate your gel removal experience with this exceptional product!