YOGO Mango Bit - Pudding Off

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YOGO Mango Bit - Pudding Off

Experience a full corner vision with a round head reminiscent of pudding, ensuring a comfortable and efficient use. Our tool guarantees a smooth experience with no vibrations or heat, thanks to its dental ceramic construction.

However, please be aware of the following precautions: Dental ceramics are highly resistant to acid and alkali and are renowned for their durability. However, they can be vulnerable to breakage when exposed to sudden impact from pure ceramics that are devoid of impurities. Moreover, extended exposure to high-energy sources like UV lights can lead to discoloration, altering the product's physical properties and increasing the risk of breakage.

To maintain the longevity and optimal performance of this tool, we recommend using it alongside an ultrasonic cleaner or a specialized brush exclusively designed for cleaning the bit. This ensures the thorough removal of foreign substances and keeps your tool in excellent condition. Enjoy precise corner vision while preserving the quality of your tool with our exceptional product!