YoGo Gel

Yogo offers a range of intriguing products for nail art enthusiasts. Among their offerings:

  1. YOGO Zombie Top Gel: A beautiful non-wipe, glassy finish top gel that offers durability up to six weeks​.

  2. YOGO Holy Moly Magnet Gels: These gels come in vibrant shades like pink, blue, and silver, each accompanied by a super strong magnet for artistic effects​​.

  3. YOGO 3D Clear Clay Gel: A transparent clay gel, almost invisible, perfect for 3D nail art, attaching gems, or extending nail tips​.

  4. YOGO Zombie Base Gel: A long-lasting base gel that ensures quick leveling and can last up to seven weeks​.

  5. YOGO Embo Meal 3D Embossing Powder: Super smooth embossing powder used to create various textures, to be mixed with color gel polish​.

  6. YOGO 3D  Clay/Embossing Gel: A  clay that is easy to handle and moldable​These products offer a variety of options for those interested in nail art, from beginners to experts, providing a fun and creative way to beautify nails.