Tsumekira SP-HBK-104 Yuki Habuka - Plain Sheet Angular

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Tsumekira SP-HBK-104


    A pre-cut sheet that can be applied not only to paint art and to bond stones and parts, but also to create original parts. It can be used for various art styles. Please use it as a time-saving tool.

    • Size: 88mm × 150mm, thickness 0.45mm
    • Sheet Size: 88mm × 120mm, thickness 0.15mm

    How to use:
    1) Put stones and studs on the sheet, or draw art.
    2) Gently peel off the cut line with tweezers.
    3) To prevent lift, attach it 1 to 2mm away from the cuticle. You can add more from the design created in advance!
    4) Finally, apply top gel to finish.

    Precautions for use:
    * Sheets will not work if stones are hardened with gel, so it is recommended to attach glue.
    *It is recommended to use acrylic paint as the paint, not gel.
    *Be careful not to let glue, gel, paint, etc., stick out from the cut line. The sticker will not come off easily from the mount.

    Please note:

    • As product is made from soft material, please handle carefully when peeling off from sheet.
    • When sticking, please stick slowly from the edge so that air does not enter.
    • Make sure there is no unevenness on the surface to which the sticker is applied, and apply gel to overlay the sticker.
    • Do not apply directly to the skin.

    • Please note that depending on the type of gel, if you use it on uncured gel, the adhesive strength will be weak and it will not set on the curve of the nail.

    • Keep out of reach of children and pets.

    • If your nails are abnormal, please discontinue use. If any abnormalities appear, discontinue use immediately and consult a specialist doctor.

    • Please keep away from direct sunlight, extreme high temperature, low temperature and high humidity.