KONAIL in Seoul May'24


In May 2024, we had the pleasure of attending the KONail Expo in Seoul, the capital of South Korea.  Our mission was to scout for new, innovative brands to introduce to our European customers through Pretty Yeppuda.  You will see the fruits of our work in the coming months.


This event also provided us with a valuable opportunity to engage with the various brands we already feature, discussing market trends in both Korea and Europe, as well as exploring trending products and those still in development.



One of the most exciting revelations from the expo was the rising popularity of neon gels in Korea.  Several brands have recently launched or are preparing to launch new neon color gels, capturing the market's attention with their vibrant and striking hues. We are closely monitoring these developments and are eager to keep our customers updated on the latest releases.



Magnetic gels, also known as Cat-eye gels, were another highlight of the expo. These gels allow nail artists to create stunning, eye-catching effects, pushing the boundaries of creativity and captivating customers. With a myriad of magnetic color gels available from various brands, there is something to suit every taste and preference. We are particularly interested in a new brand that offers gels with excellent coverage and no need for a top coat, ensuring a flawless finish. Once these products complete the CPNP (Cosmetic Product Notification Portal) process, we will make them available for purchase.

The expo also showcased a significant emphasis on painting and 3D gels, with many booths dedicating extensive display space to these products. For those who attended POPCOAT’s live seminar organized by DGEL, the potential of painting gels was evident. Our brand ambassadors have been creating stunning nail art and press-on sets using these painting and 3D gels, demonstrating their impressive versatility and creative potential.


In addition to these exciting product trends, we had in-depth discussions with our existing partners about the evolving market dynamics. We explored how consumer preferences are shifting and what new innovations are on the horizon. This exchange of ideas is crucial for staying ahead in the rapidly evolving Korean nail art industry.


Overall, the KONail Expo was an inspiring and informative experience for us. We are thrilled to bring back not only new products but also fresh insights and ideas to share with our European customers. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to expand our offerings and bring the latest and greatest in Korean nail products to you.


Disclaimer: The pictures in this blog might contain brand names, but that does not necessarily mean that these are brands we will bring to Europe.  Nor does the lack of pictures with those brand means that we will not bring them to Europe. However, they might be or might not be, so stay tuned! 😊