Brand Ambassador Program

Celebrate the Subtle Elegance of Korean Nail Art

Pretty Yeppuda invites nail professionals and enthusiasts across Europe to join our Brand Ambassador Program. We’re seeking individuals with a refined taste for Korean nail artistry to help us grow a community of like-minded connoisseurs and spark the K-Nails trend in Europe. Share your passion, enhance your craft, and collaborate with us.

Our brand messaging is positive and focuses on the strengths and virtues of our products. We will avoid any negative commentary or criticism on competing brands.

Are you a detail-oriented nail technician, a creative DIY nail hobbyist, or a nail enthusiast who admires the sophistication of Korean nail design? We're looking for ambassadors who appreciate the understated luxury of our products and are eager to connect with others who feel the same.

The Pretty Yeppuda Ambassador Experience

Our Brand Ambassador Program is about forming connections and celebrating the beauty of Korean nails as part of an engaged and stylish community.  Ambassadors will enjoy a selection of our finest products and the opportunity to create content that resonates with our audience.

Joining is Simple:

  • Application: Send in your details.
  • Selection: We'll contact you to hear your vision, your approach, and your specific demands.

Ambassadors will be asked to:

  • Connect with our budding community on social media, sharing in our collective passion.
  • Generate biweekly content featuring the products from the Petty Yeppuda, focusing on quality and authenticity.
  • Feature and promote Pretty Yeppuda visibly when our products are included in your content.
  • Share your exclusive ambassador code on your profile, making it accessible to followers.

In return, Ambassadors will receive:

  • A selection of Korean nail products delivered to create content with.
  • A consistent 15% discount on Pretty Yeppuda items for personal use.
  • A 10% discount code to offer to your network.
  • The potential to earn a 5% commission in store credit via your discount code or affiliate link.
  • Opportunities to expand your reach and grow with our brand.
  • First looks at our latest offerings and collections.

Be Part of Our Growing Family

Pretty Yeppuda is more than a brand; it's a gathering of those who treasure the artful expression found in Korean nail design. If you're inspired to join us and help foster a warm, welcoming community around our shared passion, we encourage you to apply.