Brand Ambassadors


Are you looking for inspiration for your next set...look no further - you found it!

Meet our brand ambassadors - these nail artists, all over Europe create the most stunning and diverse nail art using Korean Nail products.  We hope to show you the endless possibilities of Korean Nail Gels and the diversity of Nail Art.

Click on the Instagram and/or TikTok links underneath each picture to see their work.

Inspired by our brand ambassador? Do not forget to give credit and tag them, so they can also see your creativity.


Black Orchid (The Netherlands)

Korean Nails | Korean Gels | Korean Beauty
Black Orchid: Instagram TikTok


Alien Clawsss (Scotland)

Korean Nails | Korean Nail Beauty | Korean Nail Gels | Korean Nail Polish
Alien Clawsss: Instagram TikTok


Marsoul Studio (Greece)

Marsoul Studio: Instagram TikTok


diabl0nails (Portugal)

Korean Nail Art | DiablOnails | K-Nails | KoreanNailShopdiablOnails: Instagram  TikTok


    Ongles_Koko (France)

    Brand Ambasssador Ongles_Koko | France | Korean Nail Supply for Europe | Pretty Yeppuda
    Ongles_Koko: Instagram

      Uncommon_edge (Belgium)

      uncommon_edge: Instagram

        Negko Nails (Germany)

        Negko Preson set - Brand ambassador Pretty Yeppuda

        Negko Nails: Instagram  TikTok

        Berta Nails (Hungary)

        BA_Bertacsnails | Korean Nail Supply for Europe | Pretty Yeppuda

        Bertanails: Instagram  TikTok

        Rafa Beauty (Brazil)

        RafaBeauty: Instagram

        Nagelfuchs (Germany)

        Nagelfuchs: Instagram

        Pretty Yeppuda is more than a brand; it's a gathering of those who treasure the artful expression found in Korean nail design.